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        ---Why Choose Us---

        ☆☆☆ 自有50年約3萬方土地使用權及全部工廠設施自建

        50 years 30m sqm land use contract with government and complete ownership of all factory facilities

        ☆☆☆ 全套主流生產加工設備,全部生產工藝流程內部完成

        Full set of leading manufacturing equipment, all production steps finished interiorly

        ☆☆☆ 自主進口使用優質原料, 確保品質安全可靠

        Direct import and using superior raw material to keep stable quality and safety.

        ☆☆☆ 資深技術管理團隊和成熟的配套供應體系

        Over 20 years experienced tech-management team and well-coordinated supporting system maturely.

        ☆☆☆ 和全球許多知名品牌保持戰略合作,遵守品牌商驗廠驗貨標準

        Strategically cooperation with many famous brands worldwide, strictly following factory audit and quality standard.

        ☆☆☆ 投入建設VOC排放治理工程,支持環保事業

        Set up VOC emission control system, contributing to better environmental protection.